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Fifo rule in forex trading. Aug 01, 2009 As you are all aware the NFA has made a new rule that prohibits registered Forex Dealer Members from carrying offsetting positions past end of day.

Hedging under new NFA regulation: FIFO The FIFO rule applies to all Forex brokers in summary, the NFA FIFO rule assumes an ideal trading model.

The last hedge free forex trading I hope that everyone will enjoy a safe journey to the new world of Rule 2 43, aka FIFO New NFA Regulations Dos , Don. Home Forex Trading Education How to Get Around FIFO , non FIFO Trading in on Hedging Forex , the FIFO Rule, Hedging Forex Trades Forex Hedging

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What does FIFO mean in retail forex trading. As its name implies, under the FIFO policy, a trader is required to close the oldest trades first in the case where there.

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