Don’t worry — your e-mail address is totally secure. I promise to use it only to send you Clock Collecting Tips. There are so many styles and types of clocks, made by so many clock makers and from so many countries, that I was totally lost. Over many years, I have learned a lot. I have concentrated on the American clock companies for my collection, so there is much for me to learn about clocks from outside the US. The question I get most from the comment form on this web site is: Some people will see a clock at an antique store that would look good in a certain room of their house, and end up with it that way. However you might end up with your special clock, you probably would like to identify, date and generally learn more about it. This clock forum page may be able to help. You can post your clock here for other visitors to see.

Serial Number Based Dating and Authentication Guides for Vintage Drums

Stop those toes from tapping. We’re at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, for goodness’ sake, and we’re here to appreciate the banjo as an icon. The show’s 72 works include paintings, sketches, illustrations and a few antique instruments, dating back to the 18th century. It was put together by Leo G.

Gibson 5 String Identification. submitted 2 years ago by bjbrbb. Hello! I have in my possession a Gibson 5 string banjo that I have been playing for the past 6 months or so. It is a great instrument, my first stringed anything, and I’m really enjoying playing it. However, I know little to nothing about it!.

Frequently plays fathers White suit During his stand-up comedy days His catchphrase was that he would sarcastically say, “Well, excuse ME! This makes him rare in that he has won Grammies for both comedy and music. He is in the horn section of B. King ‘s “In The Midnight Hour” music video. He studied philosophy at California State University at Long Beach, and for a while, considered becoming a philosophy professor instead of an actor-comedian.

He periodically spoofed his philosophy studies in his s stand-up act, such as comparing Philosophy with studying Geology: He also worked for neighboring amusement park Knott’s Berry Farm as a comedian in their “Birdcage Theatre”. It was during these jobs that he honed his skills in live performance, such as improv comedy, banjo playing, juggling, and lassoing.

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Learn about Barometer The barometer is an instrument for measuring atmospheric pressure. The pressure indicated can aid in predicting short term weather. There are two main types of barometer in use, the mercury barometer, which can either be in the form of a “stick” or a “wheel”, and the aneroid barometer, a later invention and most commonly available. Italian Evangelista Torricelli, an associate of Galileo, is generally credited with inventing the mercury barometer in Galileo suggested to Evangelista Torricelli that he use mercury in his vacuum experiments.

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January 8, at 3: Your banjo SN A was manufactured by Vega in In that year, the factory relocated from Leon St. The family sold the Vega brand line to C. Martin in Nazareth, PA, in Thanks again for your query. June 1, at 5: I want to know the date of construction , its positioning in the range of tenor banjos and possibly the price it may be worth now. Thank you in advance and best wishes! June 1, at 2:


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Jan 19,  · SS Stewart Banjo Showing of 26 messages. SS Stewart Banjo: kateh: 11/26/07 AM: but dating with serial numbers is not exact during those days of the Stewart company’s transitions from the hands of Samuel Swain Stewart to those of .

The inside story behind Banjo–and the gold rush sure to follow. All images were drawn from social media timestamped between 5 and 6: Courtesy Company Damien Patton creates his own debris field. Stories swirl around him of smoldering vehicles, broken bones and shredded ligaments, a girlfriend launched “like a missile” into the Mojave Desert from the back of a dirt bike.

Patton enjoys these accounts. Maybe a little too much. So it was with a mix of adrenaline and dread on my first day at his Las Vegas offices that I followed him and Stacey Epstein, his brand-new chief marketing officer, out to his truck:

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Does anyone know what this Gibson A-1 Mandolin is worth? Description of Gibson A-1 Mandolin Pumpkin colored body with dark red sides and back. Black Headstock has “The Gibson” in two words, on a slant, inlayed in pearl. Ivoroid 4-in-line tuners with ivoroid tuning buttons.

Oct 21,  · I recently acquired an old Weymann banjo mandolin. Would like help with dating it. The serial number on the top of the peghead is Also says No. 30, which I think is the model number.

Then, with a finger over the open end, he inverted the tube and plunged it into a bowl of mercury. He also concluded that the space at the top of the tube, caused by the dropping of the mercury, had to be a vacuum. It was perhaps unwise to do so: Never lay a barometer down unless it’s been plugged by someone who knows what they are doing. It’s like inhaling mercury vapour. It is not merely long-continued exposure to mercurial preparations that causes the shaking palsy Haidinger, the mineralogist, has mentioned to me an accident a barometer maker of his acquaintance met with This man and one of his workmen were exposed one night, during sleep, to the vapours of mercury from a pot on the stove which had been accidentally kindled.

They were most severely affected, the latter with salivation, which caused the loss of all his teeth, the former with shaking palsy, which lasted all his life.

Gilbert Banjo clock dated stamped #

A – If you’re a buyer, the value is the max price you are ready to pay to have it. If you’re a seller, the value is the minimum amount you accept to sell it.. You can check ebay for completed sales for the same model, but value on ebay is not value in a shop or elsewhere, for reasons. Outside of a completed transaction, value has no meaning, so please do not ask me to value your guitar. Please re-read above and you’ll have the answer.

Jordan Banjo (born 31 December ) is a British street dancer, best known as a current member of the dance troupe Diversity, who won the third series of Britain’s Got Talent.

I landed on this by accident. Capoed up 3, can be used for G-minor. Rufus Crisp is also said to have used this tuning. Perhaps Fred invented it in G, and Tommy in A. Jont Blevins, Train 45 I can’t find my source. I’m assuming that the 4th string is tuned 2 octaves below the 5th, and the 3rd one octave below the 1st. I’ve no recorded examples.


History[ edit ] “Line dancing is most directly descended from the s disco era, when America saw a variety of new dances emerge”, including the Electric Slide , “in this same era, country-and-western line dancing emerged”, including the Walkin’ Wazi and the Cowboy Boogie. Whatever its source, popularity and growth of line dancing has been inextricably tied to country-and-western music. Country music began to appear on the pop charts, and line dancing began to cross boundaries of income, race, age, and gender Now line dancing is considered an art form of its own, with its own terminology and standardized steps.

Many believe that this style of dancing introduced the terms and steps used in country line dancing today. Many believe that American servicemen returning home from war influenced the spread of line dancing after being introduced to traditional European folk dances.

Hello everybody / I have a friend with an old Gibson Banjo / Serial # / Flattop guitars is my gift in information and playing music / don’t know much about Banjo’s. I found a Gibson Banjo on line with a serial number # and it was a so my friends Banjo might be a 49 or older.

Please click on the small images to see the large views. No frills, no fancy stuff, and nothing particularly wrong with it, except 30 years of neglect in storage. With its plain “open back” shell, this is a generic banjo reminiscent of today’s Deering Goodtime banjo. The Deering is a better instrument, of course, more solidly made of better materials. It would be a heavy understatement to say that the action had crept up over the years.

As it stands, this banjo was actually unplayable. While these old Kays are not known for their brilliant tone, there was no reason for it to continue with this original all-maple bridge. The maple top is soft enough to suck up what few high frequencies make their way down the strings.

How to Tighten a Banjo Head