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Bennett and the WMAP team are being recognized by the foundation for their transformative study of an ancient light dating back to the infant universe. A gold medal will be presented to Bennett at the International Astronomical Union meeting in Beijing on August 21, and he will deliver a lecture on the 22nd. Using this picture, the team determined that the universe consists of The team also concluded that the first stars formed when the universe was only about million years old. The WMAP data substantiated key predictions of the cosmic inflation paradigm that describes the first trillionth of a trillionth of a second of the universe, while at the same time ruling out some specific implementations of the theory. WMAP data also place limits on the mass of the neutrino an elementary particle with no electrical charge and travels at almost the speed of light , and provide evidence for primordial helium, consistent with big bang theory predictions. The Cosmology Prize is co-sponsored by the International Astronomical Union and aims to acknowledge and encourage further exploration. This is the second time that Bennett has been honored by the Gruber Foundation. Throughout his career Bennett has made significant contributions to the knowledge of cosmology through pioneering measurements of the cosmic background radiation, the oldest light in the universe and a remnant of the hot, young universe.


Final Exam Speedwork “What’s the difference between an introverted engineer and an extroverted engineer? The students are paired with alumni at tables spread in a circuit around the room. After Nickols finishes speaking, each pair will have six minutes together before a bell signals the students to slide a space to the left.

“Speed networking” is based on the similarly named singles event for dating; it made its debut during Engineers Week in February. Johns Hopkins University, Whiting School of Engineering North Charles Street, NEB , Baltimore, MD

Recent research has found that our judgments of attractiveness not only change, but that we actually see the next face as more or less attractive, based on faces we have just seen. With a dating site or app, of course, this happens repeatedly and in mere milliseconds. Researchers found that participants were more likely to rate a face as attractive if they thought the preceding face was attractive. This went the other way, too: When participants viewed female faces and were asked to rate their attractiveness on a scale of one to eight, they viewed people as more or less beautiful based on their previous responses — so much so that their perception of beauty changed with each new face.

View image of One study found our perception of attractiveness is influenced by faces we’ve just seen The reason comes down to how the brain handles new information. For example, when you glance at a coffee mug and look away, you expect its identity to be the same when you look at it again.

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Chasing the Great Beyond Adam Riess discovered that the universe was expanding faster and faster, thanks to a repulsive force dubbed “dark energy” — a breakthrough that has led scientists to reconsider the fundamentals of physics. By Michael Anft Photos by Steve Spartana There are billions of galaxies, a zillion stars, swirling clouds of dust, and bulging pockets of gas. Cosmic radio waves fan out around something called “dark matter” — “dark” because no one really knows what it is — while remnants of energy that date back to the Big Bang 14 billion years ago swell and contract.

Stars eat up other ones, then implode. Asteroids and comets wreak their usual havoc.

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Taking Collaboration to New Heights Creative sparks fly when speed dating brings together faculty from different schools. Pathologist Timothy Amukele, left, is teaming with Robert Chalmers and other Applied Physics Laboratory engineers to create a courier system that will use unmanned aerial vehicles to transport blood to diagnostic laboratories in Africa.

His computer screen shows a patchwork of green farms and a rutted brown road. From previous Skype and email conversations with health officials in Africa, Amukele knows this region is dotted with 40 health clinics. But it has just one diagnostic laboratory capable of testing blood for HIV, tuberculosis, diabetes, pregnancy and other conditions. The clinic workers who draw blood from patients send samples to that lab by commercial buses, which travel as far as 30 miles over bumpy roads that can break down the cells of the blood, making analysis impossible.

The Johns Hopkins pathologist wants to create a courier system with dozens of unmanned aerial vehicles UAVs , popularly known as drones, to transport blood samples in Nzoia. He has already purchased a couple of UAVs online and packed them with vials of blood from local volunteers.

Hubble Space Telescope in “safe mode” after gyro failure

Is the ancient dream of alchemy–lead into gold–possible? The supposedly dense, waxy, red material was said to enable the process that has become synonymous with alchemy—chrysopoeia, the metamorphosis, or transmutation, of base metals such as lead into gold. Alchemists have often been dismissed as pseudoscientific charlatans but in many ways they paved the way for modern chemistry and medicine.

The alchemists of the 16th and 17th centuries developed new experimental techniques, medicines and other chemical concoctions, such as pigments. The problem, Principe says, is that the alchemists did not yet know that lead and gold were different atomic elements—the periodic table was still hundreds of years away.

JOHNS HOPKINS APL TECHNICAL DIGEST, VOLUME 24, NUMBER 1 () T Materials and Structures Research and Development at APL Bradley G. Boone his article gives an overview of current work in materials and structures at APL.

Exploration of Pluto USPS stamp issued in that served as motivation for planetary scientists to send a probe to Pluto Early concept art of the New Horizons spacecraft. The mission, led by the Applied Physics Laboratory and Alan Stern , would become the first mission to Pluto successfully funded and launched, after years of delays and cancellations. Appointed as the project’s principal investigator , Stern was described by Krimigis as “the personification of the Pluto mission”. It was later selected as one of two finalists to be subject to a three-month concept study, in June After an intense campaign to gain support for New Horizons, the Planetary Science Decadal Survey of — was published in the summer of New Horizons topped the list of projects considered the highest priority among the scientific community in the medium-size category; ahead of missions to the Moon, and even Jupiter.

Weiler stated that it was a result that “[his] administration was not going to fight”. Coincidentally the Naval Observatory Flagstaff Station was where the photographic plates were taken for the discovery of Pluto’s moon Charon ; and the Naval Observatory is itself not far from the Lowell Observatory where Pluto was discovered. When the spacecraft was launched, Pluto was still classified as a planet , later to be reclassified as a dwarf planet by the International Astronomical Union IAU.

The moons’ discoverers chose these names for this reason, plus Nix and Hydra’s relationship to the mythological Pluto. The goal of the mission is to understand the formation of the Pluto system, the Kuiper belt, and the transformation of the early Solar System. It will also study other objects in the Kuiper belt.

What is Pluto’s atmosphere made of and how does it behave?

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Contact Biological Weapons Biological weapons are a subset of a larger class of weapons referred to as weapons of mass destruction WMD , which also includes chemical, nuclear, and radiological weapons. Biological weapons are unique, in that? A Different Sort of Response The response required for bioterrorism is also fundamentally different from that demanded by natural disasters, conventional explosives, chemical terrorism, radiological terrorism e.

Due to the incubation periods of a number of biological agents, the effects of a biological attack may not be noticed for several days after the delivery of the agent against a population?

For student participants, the speed-networking event was a hit. At traditional networking events, says Justin Lee ’11, mechanical engineering, “you talk to two or three people and sometimes you get stuck.”.

Woolsthorpe, England, 25 December ; d. London, England, 20 March mathematics, dynamics, celestial mechanics, astronomy, optics, natural philosophy. Isaac Newton was born a posthumous child, his father having been buried the preceding 6 October. Newton was descended from yeomen on both sides: He was born prematurely, and there was considerable concern for his survival. He later said that he could have fitted into a quart mug at birth.

His early education was in the dame schools at Skillington and Stoke, beginning perhaps when he was five. He was, however, uninterested in farm chores, and absent-minded and lackadaisical. He was admitted a member of Trinity College, Cambridge, on 5 June as a subsizar, and became scholar in and Bachelor of Arts in The rooms he occupied are not known for certain; and we have no knowledge as to the subject of his thesis for the B.

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Is the MAGI conference right for you? Conference Overview Over people including representatives from over 80 sponsors and CROs will attend. Register now while space is still available. Discounts for early bird registration Discounts for study sponsors, sites, government, international and others All sessions and workshops included in basic “all-access pass” Save even more with group rates!

A Meeting that Matters Obtain practical tips and professional contacts that will pay for the conference in a matter of days. If you are a clinical research novice or veteran; with a study sponsor, research site, or CRO; in a corporate, academic or other organization; you will find a coherent and comprehensive program that focuses on your current needs for applicable information.

In speed dating style, community-based organizations will have the opportunity to discuss their research needs with interested faculty and students, identify potential collaborations, and become aware of funding resources for collaborative research.

Always consult a competent professional for answers specific to your questions and circumstances. But not all strokes come with those clear signs that raise a red flag. More generalized symptoms that could be caused by lots of things—such as headache and dizziness or temporary numbness—can also be symptoms of a stroke. Doctors in the emergency room ER are responsible for deciding whether such symptoms are benign, related to some other ailment or whether the person in front of them is having a stroke or transient ischemic attack a TIA, or prestroke.

Too often, doctors get it wrong. Those mistakes put people at great risk for future strokes. The team identified , patients who landed in the hospital with a diagnosis of stroke. If you are not, say, a year-old man—the type of person who is one of the most at risk for stroke—your stroke symptoms might be confused for something else. Mainly because generalized symptoms, such as headache and dizziness, are naturally more common in women, and therefore are less likely to be considered possible signs of stroke.

Tiny organs could speed up development of new treatments for Alzheimer’s Online

Email NASA has suspended science operations with the Hubble Space Telescope and put the observatory into protective “safe mode” while engineers troubleshoot problems with one of the spacecraft’s three remaining gyroscopes, used to help aim the telescope and keep it locked on target, officials said Monday. We typically figure out what’s happening and figure out an appropriate course forward.

But we may be out of commission for a short period of time here while we understand this and figure out what is the right path forward.

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Two sessions will be offered 7: The sessions will be moderated by Tracy Beckerman , nationally syndicated humor columnist and author. He works with authors, organizations and executives to help them turn their stories and expertise into published books. David has partnered with authors in the U. She writes a column for PsychologyToday. Sorche is actively seeking humor titles that will keep her standing as one of the top agents in the genre.

She specializes in writing about topics relevant to kids and families. Her weekly blog for new and expectant moms can be found on the retail site www. Bonnie is also a frequent features contributor and blogger for Cincinnati Family Magazine. Ask her how to break into regional magazines and how to sell reprints in multiple markets across the country.

In publishing since , Rachelle previously worked for two publishing houses in positions encompassing marketing, sales, international rights, acquisitions and editorial.