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From United States of America, living in Addis Ababa See more members Meet other Americans at our events in Ethiopia Attend our monthly events and activities for Americans expatriates to get to know like-minded expatriates in real life. Our Global Partners Moving to Ethiopia Moving to Ethiopia has become an exciting prospect for many expats, thanks to its moderate climate, expansion in industries, and the production of international commodities. In addition, it has a fascinating history, great food and a lively, colorful culture to discover. Learn more in this article! The people are very friendly and schooling is generally of a good standard, so you can settle down with your family and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Read our article to know how! Working in Ethiopia With a fast growing economy, Ethiopia is becoming more and more interesting as an expat destination. Work in Ethiopia can be rewarding and pleasant. Forum Posts by Americans in Ethiopia Get trustworthy advice and local insights from fellow Americans in our Ethiopia expat forums.

City Guide: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (Updated)

Nice large kitchen, but scarcely any cookware or anything else. No water, electricity, and no wifi for the majority of my stay. Meaning no bathroom facilities, no lights, or a place to simply wash your hands. Pat, Canada For us the Hostel was fantastic. It’s just in front of the main bus station of Addis. The building has 2 spaces, the first floor is a restaurant.

On 30 January, President Jacob Zuma arrived back in South Africa from a successful visit to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where he led the South African Government delegation to the 30th Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the African Union (AU), which met from 28 to 29 January under the theme: “Winning the Fight Against Corruption: A Sustainable Path to Africa’s Transformation”.

Turn online searches into local opportunities. Axum and also in Africa Hall, Addis Ababa. The Italian PM had to do solo press conference in Asmara few weeks ago. He won’t attend African leaders’ gathering in Addis Ababa next week either. Interesting coffee paraphernalia… https: A project manager of ecological and sustainable building projects.

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Ethiopia: GEM applauds non

Ethiopia frees 1, detainees held over Addis Ababa violence Abdur Rahman Alfa Shaban Ethiopia Ethiopian authorities have freed over 1, youth arrested over violent protests in and around the capital Addis Ababa in September Police chief Jemal Zeinu confirmed that out of the 1, youth were detained — according to Amnesty International, arbitrarily — 83 of them are to be put before courts on suspicion of committing crimes.

Zeinu in an interview with state-affiliated FBC disclosed that the soon-to-be released detainees had undergone a month-long training in the area of staying away from crimes and other related issues..

Harar (Harari: ሐረር), and known to its inhabitants as Gēy (Harari: ጌይ), is a walled city in eastern was formerly the capital of Hararghe and now the capital of the modern Harari Region of Ethiopia. The city is located on a hilltop in the eastern extension of the Ethiopian Highlands, about five hundred kilometers from the national capital Addis Ababa at an elevation of.

Aisha Mohammed will be in charge of defense, and Muferiat Kamil, a former parliamentary speaker, will head the newly formed Ministry of Peace. In some ways, this could be one of the most important ministries in the government, though its name has garnered a degree of criticism on social media for its Orwellian sound. Although women have been in the cabinet before, they often held minor positions.

In the new cabinet, in addition to defense and security, women will head the ministries of trade, transport and labor, as well as culture, science and revenue. Aisha, the new defense minister, comes from the arid and predominantly Muslim Afar region, while Finance Minister Ahmed Shide is from the Somali region. It projects a good image. Abiy was elected by the ruling party after years of anti-government protests shook the country. He immediately embarked on reforms and has promised free and competitive elections in The ruling party currently holds all the seats in Parliament.

The transition has not been easy. In the past year alone, ethnic strife has displaced 1.

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Although much has been said about the Ethiopian sex industry, this book takes a unique perspective by allowing the women to talk about themselves. Most are very young, many below the age of twenty five and some below the age of twenty. They are mostly forced into the sex trade for lack of better options: Almost all are dependent on qhat, spending a great percentage of their income supporting this addiction.

Qhat use in turn fuels consumption of great quantities of alcohol and tobacco. All these substances help the women cope up with their demeaning work and social inferiority.

Like the Bennu-Bird, Ethiopia Must Rise from the Ashes. IDEA Editorial. September 24, Ethiopia is a great nation that has proved to itself and the world its resilience against trying circumstances and outright colonial attempts and subjugations.

Is the town of Adwa growing in Leaps and bounds? It is exciting to know that the honorable Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Ato Haile Mariam Desalgne has laid down a commemorative monument dedicated to the establishment of the Adwa Pan-African University years after this historic battle. The stone monument was erected very close to the statue and burial place of the known Ethiopian hero, Ras Alula Aga Nega.

It has several credits locally and globally, and go on with future vision indicators that training and development become an exigent issue and strategic option in organizations, or rather one of features of life. The passing of Mehret is a major loss for her immediate and extended families and it is with deep sorrow that I am extending my condolences to her husband, Beraki Gebreselassie, her children, and her sisters Ararat Iyob and Ruth Iyob, and the rest of her brothers and sisters.

Proposed Language Reform for Ethiopia meticulously and I gather painstakingly diagnosed the problem and shortcomings of the Ethiopian written system commonly known as Ethiopic or Geez in particular and the language in general, and came up with a radical departure from the traditional Ethiopian orthography. The existence of too many word derivations, widespread spelling inconsistencies and a large number of characters in the Ethiopic writing system means only a small fraction of words in Ethio Semitic languages can be entered in any dictionary let alone to be ordered alphabetically.

And facing the Border Commission, at the outset, Ethiopia was dealing with colonial treaties of for the central sector , for the western sector , and for the eastern sector , all treaties that were long dead and also made null and void by Italy when it temporarily occupied Ethiopia from to On top of this, in due course of deliberations by the Border Commission, there were so many confusing names of places and rivers that were presented by the two parties as part of their documentary evidences or exhibits.

Ato Kidane describes his varied experiences in beautiful, lucid English, and indeed it is a credit to Ethiopia and its educational system that the United Nations looked to her for qualified people to serve in other African countries. Attorney, Foreign Policy Advisor Fasil Amdetsion is an Ethiopian-American lawyer with expertise in international law and international affairs. He has spoken or authored pieces on international affairs, international law and the Nile, education and development in Africa, and modern African history.

It is our solemn duty and responsibility to educate the young Ethiopians and lead them by example so that they embrace the authentic history of their country and this would have a tremendous positive impact on the psychological makeup of Ethiopian youth. To be sure, the young Ethiopians are not only the torchbearers of what we kindled but they are also the leaders of tomorrow.

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The name of the dynasty is derived from the Cushitic-speaking Agaw of northern Ethiopia. They failed to complete the return trip. When Emperor Susenyos I converted to Roman Catholicism in , years of revolt and civil unrest followed, resulting in thousands of deaths. In June , Fasilides , Susenyos’ son, declared the state religion again to be the Ethiopian Orthodoxy.

01 Mar , pm Is this Africa’s most beautiful new holiday home? Inside Arijiju, Kenya’s unique new exclusive-use villa.

De-ethnicization of our identities has been one of the major agenda advocated by GEM activists worldwide, however the former TPLF rulers rejected the will of Addis Ababans for years. The ruling party had used tribal labels as a means of division and persecution since its existence. So the historic decision taken by mayor Takele Uma should be rewarded and supported by all Ethiopians who seek peace and equality. This past week, Takele Uma was criticized by some tribal politicians to change back on his new policy.

However, he stood firm under pressure. This bold stance and visionary leadership by Addis Ababa mayor should be an example to all other regions of the country who are suffering from ethnic conflicts and mass displacements nationwide. While other policies of Takele Uma should be rightfully criticized, his decision to de-ethnicize our identity — thus our politics — should be copied by other politicians. Residents of these metropolitan areas should campaign and forcefully demand that the tribalization of their multi-ethnic identities and local politics should cease and desist as soon as possible.

For millions of mixed people, Ethiopia is not only our country and our citizenship, it is also our ethnic identity. While most mixed-Ethiopians have lineages rising from two ethnic ancestry, many more have heritages from four, five and more ethnic heritages dating back centuries. For these people, they can not practically choose one ethnic label.

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History[ edit ] Harar city wall It is likely the original inhabitants of the region were the Harla people. According to the Fath Madinat Harar, an unpublished history of the city in the 13th century, the cleric Abadir Umar ar-Rida , along with several other religious leaders, came from the Arabian Peninsula to settle in Harar circa H CE.

Abadir was met by the Harla , Gaturi and Argobba. Abaadir Muuse Warwaaqjecle dubbed as the principal patron saint and first Emir of Harar, was the most celebrated Somali figure and one of the earliest propagators of Islam in the city of Harar. He introduced Islam at a very early period before the Ethiopians Abyssinians first gained a footing there.

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