Kingsbridge news One claim was that he would close the car park and restrict access to the beach. Mr Johnston says the estate was neglected under its previous ownership, Evans Estates. There was always the danger that a further piece of the estate had to be sold. That did happen over a long period of time until there was hardly enough left for it to be sold as an estate. So we have bought back several bits, including the house that I live in, and one or two other bits of land or property, to try to make sure we keep the estate holistic and give it a self-sufficient form. There will be opportunities where small scale development does exist. With the help of countryside stewardship cash and the approval of Natural England, the harm is now being reversed.

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Tweet In about , an immense landslide tumbles off Table Mountain in Skamania County and completely blocks the Columbia River, shoving it a mile off course. A lake forms behind the dam extending as far as miles. The river will eventually breach the dam causing a foot-deep flood downstream and creating the Cascades rapids.

This is the most recent of four documented slides in the square-mile Cascade Landslide Complex and will be called the Bonneville Landslide. Table Mountain consists of Columbia Basalt on top of a softer clay-filled formation. Fish and Wildlife Service Hill.

This collection of postcards was donated by various individuals and artificially concentrated into a single collection, organized by subject matter, and dating between and the early s, the majority originated in the first half of the century.

Grizzly bear cub in Denali National Park At bedtime that last night, with the summer sun still bright in the Anchorage sky, I had but one regret: Next day, at 5: Guidebooks fell to the floor. Yawning, I got up and looked out the window. Whitney, Denali is miles away from our Anchorage hotel window. It is so grand and majestic, the mountain creates its own weather.

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Nagaland dating. India is the world’s largest democracy with billion people and a total land area of croresq km representing one-sixth of the d by the Indian Ocean on the south, the Arabian Sea on the south-west, and the Bay of Bengal on the south-east, it shares land borders with Pakistan to the north-west; China, Nepal, and Bhutan to the north-east; and Burma (Myanmar.

In between are neat piles of more than 5, postcards that light up every corner of England and Wales in high-gloss colour. There are the pretty thatched cottages of Godshill, the Isle of Wight, the floodlit and moated castles of north Wales, the daffodils and snow-covered valleys of the Yorkshire Dales, tin mines and Truro cathedral on Cornish Landmarks, the ponies of Dartmoor, and views of everything from the honeyed streets of Chipping Campden to the curve of the London Eye.

This modest factory in Sevenoaks, Kent, belongs to J Salmon Ltd, the country’s oldest surviving postcard seller. Doomsayers may claim that email, camera phones and so on inevitably sound the death knell for the snailmail postcard, but the Salmon family – still at the helm – beg to differ. This year, they will sell 20m postcards, which will be picked up by tourists, pensioners and even teenagers across England and Wales, for anything from 8p to 80p which buys an upmarket, white-bordered panorama card depicting “A peaceful day at Mevagissey, Cornwall” or “Golden light at Lizard Point”.

And the Salmons do not envisage the death of the postcard any time soon. Pictorial cards began to be posted in earnest in the late Victorian era and Joseph’s son, also Joseph, started out by printing reproductions of watercolour paintings of Sevenoaks by local artists. Then, in the summer of , he was strolling down Oxford Street when several watercolours of bucolic rural scenes caught his eye in the window of an art gallery. The signature read AR Quinton.

Joseph tracked down the year-old artist and obtained his permission to print a calendar of his work entitled Picturesque Villages of England.

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What does that stand for, Extra Disney? In my day we had exactly one Disney Channel, and you had to pay extra for it, and it showed all the awesome old shorts, and also came with a monthly magazine. Gravity Falls, as you might know, is something different—something special. It took me maybe a week to blast through all 40 episodes, and then another day or two to watch all the bonus material. I did not expect this show to be this great, for it to capture my imagination and speak to me as thoroughly as it has.

Last week we ranked the 20 best episodes of the show.

TuckDB Postcards is a free database of antique postcards. Every card in this database was published by the now defunct Raphael Tuck & Sons.

Industry Operations ; Retailers Dorothy Lane Market has always defined itself by its exemplary customer service. The most recent, a 49, square-foot showcase opened in Springboro in , is among the most innovative supermarkets in the country. They want good products, but they also want to trust their retailer. Dorothy Lane pleases not only with a go-the-extra-mile attitude but also by providing one-stop emporiums to meet everyday and specialty needs.

Like its sister locations in Oakwood and Washington Square, the Springboro store offers a mixed array of mainstream and specialty products. Although many of the 35, plus SKUs are mass-market supermarket fare, each department also offers an extensive selection of shelf-stable and perishable high-end lines, artisan products and natural and organic items. The patisserie is a prime example of the upscale bent, bringing a taste of Paris to southwest Ohio with treats such as Alize Torte, Charlemagne, Apple Galette and Tarte au Citron.

Conceived for the Springboro store, the department offers nearly 20 pastries prepared on-site each day by a staff of three. While the dough is prepared at Washington Square and delivered daily, Springboro has its own hearth oven for baking, explains Scott Fox, bakery director. The wine department will even uncork a bottle and provide Reidel glasses to accompany the meal. Sixty percent of grill selections are seafood.

Whiddy Island

ABOUT ME Home Chuck’s Tackle Box is a dedicated website to collectors of old, antique and vintage fishing lures as well as fishing related items of all sorts, including rods, reels, decoys etc. This website is dedicated to this hobby and is free for all to use. Your input to this website is appreciated. I am actively searching for the following colors of Heddon:

Postcards for Sale We buy and sell all types of old photos and picture postcards for most subjects and locations worldwide. Please browse our online stock using the links on the left side of the page.

The trail of ruined medieval abbeys points to a more tumultuous history, however, one that acknowledges the longstanding political, ecclesiastic and royal importance of this corner of the country. Just 10 miles from the English border, nestling on the Jed Water, sits the pretty town of Jedburgh, the county seat of old Roxburghshire and the perfect place from which to explore the unique history and culture of the area.

Scotland’s Insider Guide to Ullapool Historic highlights Originally known as Jethart — a name still used locally — Jedburgh gained prominence after the founding of the abbey in King Malcolm IV died there in Over the years the main industries have included textiles, tanning and glove-making. In common with other towns in the Borders, every summer Jedburgh hosts common ridings, a custom dating back to the 13th century commemorating the historic protectors of the border lands, which attracts hundreds of horses and riders.

What to do Few places in Scotland provide a more evocative taste of medieval life than the magnificent semi-ruin that is Jedburgh Abbey historicenvironment. The domestic buildings and cloisters give a particularly fascinating insight into the everyday existence of the inhabitants, and in the cloister garden you can smell the same herbs that would have grown there nearly a millennium ago.

The scale of the place and the unusual architecture — a striking mix of Romanesque and early Gothic – are truly awe-inspiring. Mary stayed in the town in after she took ill on her way to see her then lover, the Earl of Bothwell, though the she actually lodged in nearby Hermitage Castle rather than this 16th century tower house. Situated on the southern outskirts of the town, the Capon Oak Tree – one of the last trees of the ancient Jedforest – is reputed to be years old. Although held together with bricks and beams to support its trunk, the tree, which is believed to have been used as gallows, is still growing and makes for a fascinating visit.

Elsewhere, a walk through the original cell blocks of Jedburgh Castle and Jail Museum, which harks back to the s, is an enjoyably dark experience.

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Picture postcards in the United States began with the souvenir issues sold at the World Columbian Exposition in Chicago in The hobby of postcard collecting began soon after and continued unabated until the beginning of World War I. With that event, the postcard album, a book second in importance only to the family Bible, suddenly vanished from the parlor.

The Columbian Exposition cards proved to be so successful, that publishers in other parts of the country were emboldened to issue views featuring large cities, historic landmarks and popular vacation resorts.

Salmon has now withdrawn from publishing its ranges of calendars, postcards and other associated lines. It continues to offer a licensing service for imagery from the Salmon archive.

We’re delighted to share 47 of Ralph I. According to the Wikipedia article on the island , “As late as it had a resident population of around , mainly engaged in fishing and small-scale farming. It currently has a permanent, resident population of around 20 people, although there are many visitors in the tourist season, many staying in self-catering accommodation, in the form of several restored traditional island cottages. The island is linked to the mainland by ferry, with return trips several times a day.

There is one pub, The Bank House, which opens at weekends and also serves food during the summer months. The local economy is mainly fueled by the fishing and farming industries. And that’s where Ralph Gifford’s pictures come in! As a young boy he worked in his father’s photography studio, accompanying his father on photography trips around Oregon. Navy– stationed on Whiddy Island. Gifford took over the family’s Portland-based photography business around , selling it 8 years later to go into the motion picture business with F.

His landscape views of Oregon’s natural beauty were used for many years to promote tourism in the state; he also took motion pictures for the Highway Commission, including the color version of The New Oregon Trail which you can watch by clicking here and the Glimpses From Oregon State Parks, released shortly before his death. Ralph was also a commercial photographer, and many of his commercial shots were taken at the same time as his Highway Commission photos; his photographs could be purchased as postcards, view sets, individual prints, and photo-plaques.

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Three new sculptures were commissioned to depict HHA including “The Three Sisters” telling the story of Loch Earn’s history and heritage and “Drover’s Bho” celebrating the drovers and drove roads of Strathyre. The map highlights fascinating facts from the area over different periods in time and it encorporates the BLiSS art trail , as well as food and drink rest stops. The i in the middle is symbolic of the i for tourism information and innovation.

“The Golden Age of Postcards” The early s was the “Golden Age of Postcards”, with the “Penny Postcard” being a popular way to send greetings to family and friends. Penny Postcards today show us a snapshot of history, as seen in these views along the Columbia River.

There were originally two villages, East and West Teignmouth, separated by a stream called the Tame, which emptied into the Teign through marshland by the current fish quay. Documents indicate that Teignmouth was a significant port by the early 14th century, second in Devon only to Dartmouth. This may have been due to silting up of the harbour caused by tin mining on Dartmoor. It is possible that smuggling was the town’s most significant trade at this time, though cod fishing in Newfoundland was also of great importance.

A petition to the Lord Lieutenant from the inhabitants described the incident: After examining ‘creditable persons’ the Justices of the Peace concluded that: Churches from as far afield as Yorkshire contributed, and the collections enabled the further development of the port. In the s and s there are records of a windmill on the Den – an area that was then a large sand dune, and is now a grassy public open space near the seafront.

By this windmill was demolished. Any persons capable of beating a Drum or blowing a French horn shall have great encouragement. In the late 18th century, privateering was common in Teignmouth, as it was in other westcountry ports. In the French ship L’Emulation with a cargo of sugar, coffee and cotton was offered for sale at “Rendle’s Great Sale Room” in the town.

Teignmouth people fitted out two privateers:

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Fiji was thoroughly disrupted by World War 2, and though of course postcards were sold from numerous outlets during that period, there was relatively less original photography produced by commercial firms. During the late s this picked up momentum and during the s much new work appeared, also utilising contemporary printing techniques.

With the advent of wide-bodied jet aircraft in the s, tourism burgeoned and created a great demand for souvenirs, particularly postcards. As well, colour technology improved, and there were a great number of new colour postcards produced.

SALMON POSTCARDS (and others too!) I am changing the name of this website. Why? At the beginning of the year I decided not to renew my subscription to the SSG so I am assuming that I shouldn’t be writing this quarterly website in the title of SSG any more although it hasn’t been mentioned yet.

Search the collection and view the images on the Humboldt Room Photograph Collections page. Scope and Content The Schoenrock Collection consists of photographs taken in and around Requa, California, during its heyday as a bustling cannery town, dating from approximately to These photographs were collected largely in the form of postcards by Naomi Bailey Schoenrock. Many of them were sent to her by her father, William T. Bailey, who operated the largest of the Requa canneries.

They were taken by a variety of photographers who, following the fashion of the time, printed and sold some of their work on postcards. Pilling, an anthropologist at Wayne State University who did fieldwork among the Yurok Indians from until his death in Schoenrock, Naomi Bailey Shoenrock’s son, loaned the original postcards to Dr.

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