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Saying Goodbye Alice C. Linsley Endings produce mixed emotions. Certainly that is the case for me as I close the door on a relationship with Midway College where I have taught as an adjunct for twelve years. The first eleven years were wonderful, but this last year was disastrous. I spent the summer break doing the research and writing an eight-week course that covered key ethical concerns from B. It was a course I loved teaching and each year I made small changes to improve the course. The improvements included images, color, subheadings, hot links, related readings, and lesson summaries. The course grew in popularity.

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Zanele Muholi, a Ryerson University documentary media alum turned visual activist, was at hand to give a talk about her work, and this particular project that radically challenges the conventional perception of black lesbians, transgendered peoples and their visibility in South Africa and beyond. After tinkering and setting up, the ever self-assured but humble Muholi opened up her lecture by acknowledging those that had shaped her academically, spiritually and otherwise. Whilst also challenging the limited number of black lesbians who would follow suit after the World Pride Toronto brouhaha had died down or indeed those who had exhibited before her.

While preparing her thesis, she faced a let down upon realizing that even in the Western world, there was still a stark invisibility of African black lesbians in the scholarly world. She explained that to date she has shot over portraits but she commiserates with her work first and has to feel he connection spiritually, for the portrait to make the cut.

I’m an interactive media producer, digital reporter, host and actor. I am a storyteller. I’m always looking for new ways to tell stories, to engage audiences in meaningful ways, and to make people feel.

ThriveRU, focuses on preventive mental health and seeks to reduce the need for crisis intervention, while Wellness Wednesdays promote accessible group fitness and holistic education. Representing ThriveRU, Brecher has begun speaking to existing student groups about goal setting, mindfulness, and self-care. The program will soon begin to host its own workshops using the same teachings, which aim to motivate students in developing hea Ryerson psychologist, Diana Brecher, speaks to journalism students about ThriveRU, a new preventive mental health program launching this month.

By the end of faculty members and student employees will have adequate training in the principles of ThriveRU and the program can then be thoroughly rolled out, Brecher said. Sessions will range from nutrition information to fitness classes, and Taylor said a schedule will become available in the next two weeks. Perhaps the most exciting offer is a drop-in pool movie.

Wellness Wednesdays will also highlight the benefits of relationship, by providing group activities that build community. Physical activity has shown to have positive effects on mental health. A study dating back to the s, before the rise in academic pressures, confirms how exercise positively affects clinical depression, anxiety disorders, addiction, psychoses, and mental disability.

Read the study here: As relief or prevention, those who choose to participate in Wellness Wednesdays will find helpful variety in their class schedules, Arunachalum said. And with two new campus opportunities, students can avoid learning the hard way. Third-year architectural science student Stephanie Lima remembers the outcome of neglecting simple self-care.


THE Himalayas get their height from India, and we aren’t talking about genes. About 50 million years ago, the Indian subcontinent collided with Asia, and the two continents continue to converge at a rate of about 5 centimeters every year. The ongoing collision has been violent enough to push up the Himalayas, shove Southeast Asia further and further southeast, and perhaps most impressively, raise the Tibetan Plateau-a landmass as large as two-thirds of the lower 48 states-to an average elevation of 5, meters.

Uplift of the Tibetan Plateau has been linked to intensification of the Asian monsoon and, by virtue of its erosion products, to gradual changes in seawater chemistry over long time periods.

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Journal of Quaternary Science 27 4: A complete and easily accessible means of calculating surface exposure ages or erosion rates from 10Be and 26Al measurements. Vegetation and climate during the last 30, years in Ladakh. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 73 1—2: Holocene monsoonal dynamics and fluvial terrace formation in the northwest Himalaya, India. Quaternary Science Reviews Principal features of tectonic deformation and their generation mechanism in the Hexi Corridor and its adjacent regions since late Quaternary [PhD dissertation].

Institute of Geology, China Seismological Bureau. Geomorphological applications of cosmogenic isotope analysis. Progress in Physical Geography 28 1:

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Nikolina Konstantinova Dobreva (born January 9, ), known professionally as Nina Dobrev (/ ˈ d oʊ b r ɛ f /), is a Canadian actress. Her first acting role was as Mia Jones in the drama series Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Prizes, fame, glory, or some combination thereof… And you get a free t-shirt! What do I need to compete? All you need is a laptop with tools for data analysis there is no limitation on which software you use and enthusiasm for data. What are the rules of the competition? The rules are very simple: No more than five students members per team.

Team members can come and go as they please but all work has to be done on-site. Official DataFest consultants grad students, faculty, etc. Do we have to stay the entire time? You may come and go as you please. The competition will be put on hold between midnight and 8 am both nights, so that everyone can sleep and return refreshed and with new ideas.

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Romantic Collage Ideas By: William McCoy Whether you’re in a new relationship or have been married for years, building a collage with mementos from you and your partner is a creative way to express your love. You can choose to partake in this activity together or create a collage on your own to present to your significant other on a special occasion, such as an anniversary or birthday. A romantic collage should include photos of you and your significant other. Meet Singles in your Area!

Photos Photos make up an integral element of any collage, and especially a romantic one celebrating the love between you and your significant other.

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The Great Canadian White Collection is a series of comic books published between the years to This post will also discuss the use of the main character, Dizzy Don, who is the protagonist of this comic book intended for children, and some of the influential effects this text has. Understanding how hard the toll of the war was on the Canadians at home, the easygoing nature of the comic book genre can be seen as a stress-reliever suitable for all.

Canadianization Dating back to the moment in World War 2 where Canada joined the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan, Canada provided an indispensable amount of contribution to the generation of British air power. Despite the eventual success due to the tag teaming by both the Canadian air force and the British, Canada made sure to enforce the continued national identification of their personnel.

The reason being that national identification allowed for the increase of Canadian political independence. National identity also increased the amount of Canadians distancing themselves from those whom were seen as non-Canadian. This distance led to the emergence of the anti-immigration perspective. Mocking is a sign of discrediting intelligence and belittling the culture and foreign language being spoken. It provokes this feeling of alienation, humiliation, and disrespect to those of the mocked heritage.

This displays how some Canadians felt about German foreigners and their own air of superiority. Germanophobia During the time of World War 2 as many soldiers were abroad fighting, Germans in Canada were suspicious of their fellow Canadians.

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From new Dead Sea Scrolls to the youngest mummy ever found in Egypt, to a 1, year-old stone complex the size of American football fields to the tomb of Jesus, here’s a look at the biggest archaeology stories of Noah’s ark mosaic Photo Credit: In the mosaic , the ark can be seen along with pairs of animals, including lions, bears and leopards.

Ryerson University is located in the heart of Toronto, and subsequently provides limitless exposure to innovative artistic and cultural events that complement your educational experiences, including the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), Toronto Fashion Week, Art Toronto, Nuit Blanche, Fashion Art Toronto and Luminato.

With the legalization of recreational marijuana fast approaching, Canadian universities and colleges are working hard to lay out their campus policies for cannabis use. While many institutions are still finalizing the details, many plans are ready to go. These are the policies currently laid out across Canada. Smoke-free campuses Memorial University of Newfoundland – St.

John’s Memorial University has been smoke-free since This policy includes cannabis. Douglas College – New Westminster, B. Douglas College went smoke-free on Sept. Like Memorial, this policy includes cannabis use. McMaster University – Hamilton, Ont. McMaster was Ontario’s first smoke-free university.

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